About Us

TDCom has a simple and focused Mission:

Happy Customers Every day, our team is aligned around this Mission, not this goal – this mission.

Who we are?

 TDCom’s approach is proactive and hands-on. We’re dedicated to helping you drive real competitive advantage from your technology investments – and never being shy about digging deeper to get at core motivations, issues and objectives.
We listen carefully and ask the right questions. Adapt works closely with you to really understand your business model and customer challenges, creating a clear, achievable path to commercial outcomes and the best solution for you.

Our vision

Spend the time necessary to know your business, your budget and exactly what you expect from your IT services, not what we think you should have.  Provide the best solution that fit your business. Ensure each and every recommendation we make by promising 100% satisfaction – guaranteed.
TDCom Team