Document Management Solution


Document Scanning & Imaging Solution

As a full-service document management consulting firm, we partner with our clients to deliver solutions that help solve their most complicated needs.

From invoices to HR records, we can automate all your documents, and help you become paperless.

Our services are designed specifically to help all businesses automate their processes and documents. Utilizing decades of industry experience and functional expertise, Management Consulting goes beyond the norm to develop new insights, drive results, and help grow your business.

Stop wasting your time classifying and organizing your paper documents, and start sharing the knowledge and information contained inside your documents digitally.  Your productivity will go through the roof, most of our customers see a 30-75% decrease in costs, while productivity increases by 25-35%.

Document Scanning is a business practice that can save time and money, preserve natural resources, secure vital information from disaster, and even create office space. It begins with the conversion of paper documents to a digital format that can then be used to email, fax, and work with other applications, like accounting systems.

TDCom offers document scanning services for your organization’s needs. We are experts at turning your paper into digital information you can use. We image and scan documents with impeccable clarity, regardless of the document type: invoice, book, large format, etc. Once your documents are digital, we can make them searchable based on keywords and based the contents of the document. We will also help you choose document management software to streamline your business processes.

Back File & Day Forward Scanning

We perform the full start to end process for back file scanning. We provide a smooth and secure transition from paper documents to electronic files. Our day forward scanning services bridge the gap between the paper document and the fully electronic file. Once we have converted your backlog of files, we offer daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly pick-up and delivery services to retrieve your active paper files and convert them to electronic files with turnaround times as fast as 1 business day if needed.

Mobile / On-Site Scanning

As with all our services, TDCom is very flexible about service administration. We can perform scanning at our secure production facility, or bring our equipment and staff to your location to perform the job on-site. We coordinate delivery times to fit your schedule, and can work with the courier company of your choice.


Save Time

Find all the files you need right from your desk. No re-filing, searching for a lost document, or standing in line at the copier.

Save Money

Document scanning makes your staff more productive, and creates the most effective customer service for your company.

Preserve Natural Resources

Keep waste to a minimum and enjoy the advantages of being as green as possible.

Never Lose Data

Never lose a file again! Document scanning makes it painless to have backups of all your data in multiple locations so you never have to worry about losing it.


Electronic security can be more secure than physical security by accessing the file log that shows what user accessed what documents.

Create Office Space

Regain all that space in your office that is currently being taken up by filing cabinets. A growing amount of files is no problem with document scanning.